Is Being Obsessed with Serial Killers Really Normal?

I was Obsessed

I was the girl in black reading about everything creepy when I was a young teenager. I had many books about Urban Legends, Scary Stories, Serial Killers, Mythology, Death etc and I never put those books down. I collected them over the years and I let people borrow them and I never saw them again. I had documentaries and clips stored in places where I hoped my mother wouldn’t find and kept that fascination of “everything creepy” hidden so I wouldn’t be judged. Ha!

But in all seriousness, my mother was very Catholic and really would flip her lid if she found out I was reading and watching such things.

What Started The Craze?

When I was little, my mother would tell stories about all the creepy things she has encountered over the years (she believed in ghosts, demons, the devil etc.) with friends and family. They wouldn’t know I listened and I would hear about all the legends and the things that keep my family up at night. I grew used to listening to the terrors and watching horror films at a very young age. For as long as I can remember. I didn’t get into my serial killer faze until I encountered a documentary of all the different types of killers in America. I was up all night watching the authorities involved talking about the heinous crimes and the victims family speaking about the incident’s aftermath.

I started getting into watching more documentaries and reading books about these murderers, of all sorts.

Why would people look them up?

I have read up on it and found out great articles about why people are so fascinated with them.

  1. Curiosity-They all seem to draw from the subject of curiosity. We are all curious and we all want to be in the know of odd situations. When something is out of the ordinary we are all drawn to it like a mosquito to light.
  2. Humans are evil by nature- Humans have a history of watching bloodshed for entertainment. Not that we would want to see that in real life but we do find the satisfaction to read and watch it in books and films.
  3. Something personal– Something could have happened in your life that made you want to look them up out of rage and hurt. To figure out what other pigs are out there doing what he/she has done to you.
  4. Fascination- Wanting to know how they think and what made them do the things that they did. The psychology of it all is fascinating all on its own. Reading up on their personal lives and the factors that played in them can be captivating.
  5. The adrenaline rush and addiction– After watching a slasher movie, some people have the urge to look up other stories like it just for fun. Holloween, sleepovers, and other occasions can play a role to why you would go and search for more. Horror movies are great for a horror movie fan, and then there is a reality where things go a step further.
  6. To know what to look out for- Then there are some who use that information for precaution. To see the warning signs. To know where not to go at a specific time. It is all for the sake of safety.

These are just a few examples of a list.

Is It Normal?

Yes, it is normal. I am definitely not the only one in this world who reads up on the notorious killers. There are groups on facebook. instagram, and other social media sites.

Is It Creepy?

It shouldn’t be.

Think of it as porn, anime, and other genres.

Porn? Because it is something we do not really talk about but LOTS of people watch it. We have fetishes and likes that we do not dare perform, but we watch it anyway.

Anime? Because there are groups out there that talk about this kind of things like a hobby. Horror movies, Anime, and other things that include gore and lust is socially acceptable to talk about to certain groups of people.

Are We Going To Turn Into Future Murderers?

No. We just read up on it and watch the documentaries. Not once did I want to murder anyone and not once did I try. This is just a hobby. A weird hobby, but it is a hobby.

Do I Think It Is Okay What They Did?

No. Is not okay. It is never okay to kill a person (there can be debates about this like self-defense and lethal injections but that is not what the post is about).

I find what they did wrong and should never be repeated. You can say I am giving them publicity and fame and that is wrong of me, but I beg to differ. This is just a post saying it is normal to read up all about them.

It Is Normal

Breathe. You can read up and catch up with those movies and documentaries as free as you like. That is why they are out there for the public to see. You are fine.

Until Next Time!

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